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Why Unstable Cargo Loads Are Often The Cause Of A Commercial Truck Accident

While the truck driver is the most likely individual to be considered responsible for a truck accident, the actual culprit could be the warehouse where the load originally came from. The load needs to be properly secured on the back of the truck or else various problems might arise and some of these problems might lead to a truck accident.

Overloaded Trucks and Spilled Cargo

Improper loads can lead to truck accidents in one of two different ways. The improper load can lead to the truck spilling its contents onto the highway. The cargo can then strike your vehicle or force you to swerve to avoid it, which might lead to a collision.

FMCSA Regulations

There are guides on loading cargo that are released by the FMCSA. Therefore, trucking companies have no excuses when they overload their trucks. Oftentimes, companies that overload their trucks are putting profits over the safety of their driver and others on the road.

Truck Accidents Caused by Overloaded Cargo

Another issue that might arise as a result of improperly loaded cargo is that the cargo can prevent the truck driver from operating the vehicle properly and this can increase the odds that the driver will lose control and have an accident.

Ways a Truck Might Be Overloaded

Loading the truck with too much cargo is a common way to have an improperly loaded truck. However, it could also not be properly secured or the cargo might not be evenly distributed on the trailer. Not only will the truck be more difficult to operate, it will also be more likely to roll over.

How to Take Legal Action

To hold a party responsible for overloading the truck, you will need to find out who was responsible for loading the truck and whether there were any parties who knew that the truck was overloaded before the driver began their route. Also, you must find out if the employer correctly instructed the driver on how to secure the cargo.

The best way to find all of this out is to consult with truck accident law services. While you are focused on recovering from your injuries, the lawyers working for you will conduct a thorough investigation of everything that happened to find out who should be held responsible. Once you are able to prove a truck company responsible, you will then be able to seek compensation for your injuries.

For more information, reach out to a local truck accident law service, such as The Radmore Law Firm.