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If you need to go to court, then you certainly want to hire a good attorney to represent you and plead your case in front of a judge. But what if you have a disagreement with a company or another person that has not yet escalated to being a legal matter? It can still beneficial to hire an attorney. They can work as a mediator or arbitrator, helping the two parties to come to an agreement outside of the court room. We think more people deserve to know about the in-court and out-of-court services that general attorneys offer, which is why we founded this website.


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Charged With a Crime You're Guilty Of? Why You Still Need Criminal Defense

A lot of people think that there's little point in retaining a defense attorney when they are guilty of the crime that they are being charged with. If this is you, it's important that you understand how a defense lawyer can help you even if you are guilty of the crime in question. Here's a look at a few things you need to know before you dismiss the services of a skilled criminal defense attorney for your case.

Being Guilty Doesn't Stop You From Fighting the Charges

Just because you committed the crime that you're charged with doesn't mean that you can't fight the charges. In fact, fighting the charges is a good idea either way. Working with a criminal defense attorney could, at the very least, help you get the charges or the sentence reduced if you are convicted and may even be able to prevent a conviction altogether.

Remember that a criminal conviction will not only likely come with fines that must be paid but will also result in a criminal record. That record will exist and follow you for the rest of your life, affecting job opportunities and other applications. Anything that you can do to mitigate this, even if you did make a mistake and commit the crime, can help you maintain your lifestyle going forward.

The attorney can fight the charges in many ways, even if you're guilty. For example, they can call the investigation into question. If the officer involved isn't credible, if there were mistakes made during the investigation, arrest, or interrogation, or if there's any possibility of casting reasonable doubt, your attorney can help.

Your Attorney Could Save You From an Unreasonable Plea Deal

Especially when a criminal case isn't particularly strong, prosecutors will often offer plea deals in an attempt to avoid a trial. However, most initial plea offers are far from the best deal you could get. 

Having a defense attorney can be especially helpful when you're dealing with a prosecutor who has a reputation for offering what they call the "last possible plea option." This is a poor plea deal and they're likely to extend a better offer later if you refuse the first. Many local defense attorneys have worked with the local prosecutors before. That means your attorney will know if this prosecutor has such a reputation and can advise you to hold out for a better plea deal if you're in a position where you aren't likely to avoid a conviction.

This can help reduce the charge left on your record or save you some significant time in jail. Talk with a defense attorney right away if you've been arrested and charged with a crime, even if you are guilty of the charges.

For more information on fighting criminal charges, talk to a criminal defense law firm in your area.