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If you need to go to court, then you certainly want to hire a good attorney to represent you and plead your case in front of a judge. But what if you have a disagreement with a company or another person that has not yet escalated to being a legal matter? It can still beneficial to hire an attorney. They can work as a mediator or arbitrator, helping the two parties to come to an agreement outside of the court room. We think more people deserve to know about the in-court and out-of-court services that general attorneys offer, which is why we founded this website.


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2 Concerns About Your Personal Injury Case To Ask Your Lawyer

Have you recently become injured due to someone else's negligence? This can leave you with a variety of questions that you do not know the answer to. Here are some concerns you should definitely bring up with your personal injury lawyer. 

Can You Sue If A Pre-Existing Condition Was Aggravated?

You may be questioning if you can even receive compensation for damages if your injury was a pre-existing condition that was aggravated. For example, if you had existing problems with your spine, but were in an auto accident that causes you to be even more in pain. Even though you had a health condition before the accident, that doesn't mean that you cannot be compensated. Unfortunately, the complexity of these types of cases can make suing for damages difficult, so be sure to work with an injury lawyer that has experience in this situation. 

Why Is An Injury Lawsuit Necessary If You Have Health Insurance?

If you were fortunate enough to have your treatment covered by your health insurance, you may be wondering why a personal injury lawsuit is even necessary. Winning a personal injury lawsuit will help you recover all of the bills that you would have to pay for out of your own pocket, which includes co-pays, deductibles, durable medical bills, and things of that nature. 

An injury can also provide you with compensation for things that you lost as a result of the injury but were not directly paid for out of your own pocket. For instance, if you had to dip into your sick days from your employer due to your recovery, those are lost days that you could receive compensation for. The same goes for hourly workers that missed a paycheck because they were recovering from an injury.

Serious acts of negligence can also result in receiving damage for pain and suffering, which will be awarded to you for having to go through the experience of being injured and recovering from the injury. While there is no direct dollar value associated with this type of damage, your lawyer can help put a dollar amount on it for you. 

Be aware that your injury settlement will include all medical bills related to the injury. You may be required to pay back your insurance provider from this settlement because they are bills that they normally wouldn't have to pay. You would still receive compensation for non-medical expense related losses, which may still make a personal injury lawsuit worth it. 

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