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If you need to go to court, then you certainly want to hire a good attorney to represent you and plead your case in front of a judge. But what if you have a disagreement with a company or another person that has not yet escalated to being a legal matter? It can still beneficial to hire an attorney. They can work as a mediator or arbitrator, helping the two parties to come to an agreement outside of the court room. We think more people deserve to know about the in-court and out-of-court services that general attorneys offer, which is why we founded this website.


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The law surrounding school buses is very clear — all drivers must stop whenever the driver has the stop hazard sign activated. However, although the law is clear, it does not mean that there is a bit of grey area that can leave some drivers left with a traffic citation. If you have been cited for this violation, learn more about what you may be up against. More About the Facts Read More 

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What Are The Most Important Defenses You Can Use Against Criminal Charges?

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Passing Through Two Levels Of SSDI Determination

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