Zinn Arthur hollywood photographer of the stars

Like any gifted artist, Zinn Arthur lives on in the work he left behind. The exclusive collection of more than 300 of his most spectacular celebrity images is a result of a labor of love of family and friends who carefully sorted through, edited and catalogued the prints and negatives of a life’s work. Chris Probst, Zinn’s son-in-law who cared for him in his final years, worked with Frank Whitney, a close family friend, and The Image Works, to prepare this collection of the biggest stars of stage and screen.  Chris is also selling a limited number of negatives of celebrity shots.

The Image Works, the exclusive North American distributor and licensing agent for the Zinn Arthur Archive, licenses images to books, magazine, documentary films, advertisers and media. The company is an independent stock photography agency that has gathered images and specialized collections from around the world into one unique archive.

Click on an image and it will take you to www.theimageworks.com for details about acquiring rights to use the images. Or email Chris at chris@zinnarthur.com for more information.

Marilyn Monroe, Gary Cooper, Charlton Heston, Fred Astaire, Yul Brenner, Sophia Loren, Nat King Cole, Liberachi
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