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Zinn Arthur started out as Abrasha Choosidman, born in 1912 in Poland. During his early childhood, he lived in the Ukraine part of Russia. He and his family fled during the height of the revolution to Liverpool, England and then to the US in 1921.

To help his financially struggling family, Abrasha sang and played in choirs and bands. He continued his musical career as an adult, changing his name to Zinn Arthur and eventually leading a big band before World War II. He led his own band in the Army and then toured US bases around the world for three years with Irving Berlin during the war. The show provided the material for the 1943 film, “This is the Army.”

Zinn started taking photographs in 1945 while he was in the Army and continued after his honorable discharge. His 27-year celebrity photographer career started with shooting musicians such as Nat King Cole, Benny Goodman, Igor Stravinsky, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong. He moved on to shoot celebrities on Broadway and then on 66 films. His work appeared in numerous publications including Life, Look, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar and The Sunday New York Times magazine. He also worked as an associate producer to the film and Broadway director Josh Logan, whom he had met in the military.

Zinn’s hardcover book of photographs, Shooting Superstars, which is full of anecdotes about his conversations and experiences with celebrities, in addition to unique images of the stars and a biographical introduction, was published in 1990.

He died in 2003 at the age of 90 in a southern California nursing home  near his family.

Marilyn Monroe, Gary Cooper, Charlton Heston, Fred Astaire, Yul Brenner, Sophia Loren, Nat King Cole, Liberachi
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